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Club Volunteer Information

To be a volunteer at the Club the skills and qualities required include: enthusiasm, ability to motivate and communcaite, good organisational skills and good management skills

The main duties of a volunteer are:

  1. Under the direction of the coach, work with a small group of participants to help them achieve the aims of the session
  2. Take on an organising/ supervisory role at the beginning and end of the session and during breaks
  3. Keep a register of those attending, along with details of any particular needs they have and emergency contact numbers (parental consent forms for those under 18)
  4. Ensure that you are well briefed about any special needs of the participants involved i.e. levels of fitness, significant medical conditions, physical impairments or disabilities
  5. In liaison with the Head Coach ensure that the playing area is safe to use. If there are any hazards which cannot be overcome, point these out to the participants before you start the session
  6. Identify, if required and in line with club procedures, additional volunteers to assist in the running of club activities e.g. parents
  7. Abide by the Code of Ethics & Conduct and adhere to all club policies; child protection, fair play and equal opportunities to all members
  8. Take responsibility for ensuring that the equipment is correct and is kept in good working order.
  9. Be aware of and follow the procedures for recording accidents
  10. Be aware of the clubs Health & Safety policy and Emergency Procedures and take their own responsibility for Health & Safety
  11. Ensure that there is an accessible, well stocked first aid kit at the venue and a telephone nearby.